Buy GST in 3 easy steps

1) Create a Wallet

a) Download metamask or wallet of your choice from the app store or google play store for free.
b) Desktop users, download the google chrome extension of metamask by going to

2) Connect your wallet

a) Go to site
b) Click the icon to connect wallet

3) Buy GST

a) Once your wallet is connected, download the GST token to your wallet. The GST token address is 0xAdf8953c0A2FD8c4e62A5f9b872733c0cE901daD
b) Once the token is downloaded, put the amount of USDC for which you want the GST token.
c) As part of presale, 1 GST = 0.5 USDC
d) Once the transaction is completed, you would get the GST in your wallet