About Us

Global standard token is brought to you by a team of professionals with backgrounds in economics, software development, finance and strategy.

The team is involved in the following three initiatives.

  1. Global Standard Token (GST): GST is a BEP-20 token based on the gold standard and tokens will be minted based on the known world reserves. More information on www.globalstandardtoken.com

2. Invest and Grow (IAG): IAG offers a user-friendly decentralized exchange so that you can swap or trade coins and tokens without any prior crypto exchange experience. You can find more information on www.investandgrow.net

3. Talk about crypto: The world’s only crypto platform where everything is only about crypto and its ecosystem. The intent of this platform is to provide a central place where people can learn about new innovations taking place, collaborate on various projects and buy and sell products or services. You can find more information on www.talkaboutcrypto.net