Global Standard Token
Presale started
20th November 2023

The current financial system has failed again and again and the world needs a system which cannot be manipulated, is not biased and is fully transparent.

a) Fiat money is currencies whose values are NOT underpinned by physical assets such as gold or silver. It is backed by the government that issued it and is designated to be legal tender. For instance, the US dollar doesn’t have any real assets like gold, silver or other physical commodity backing its value. The value of fiat currency is supported by the confidence the general public has in the central bank and the government of the issuing nation. If a country were to become bankrupt, its fiat currency would lose value significantly.

b) 2008 financial crisis also made it evident that there is no global oversight of how money is being handled, or it’s been packaged for e.g., collateralized debt obligations (CDOs). To avoid any such crashes in the future and to safeguard everyone’s hard earned money, we need one global currency which can be tracked and a technology which can be integrated globally with the required governance, security, and privacy.

Global Standard Token (GST) aims to bring stability to the global system by aligning its token to the world known gold reserves. This will bring stability in times of high inflation and will restrict Governments from printing unlimited supply of fiat currency.

Global standard token is a BEP-20 token build on blockchain technology offers the solution to this ever-increasing global issue. GST tokens are based on known gold reserves and increases as the reserve increases. It offers the governance of how many tokens can be produced each year and offers the transparency of how and where it’s been used.